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July 04 2013

9471 fcdb
champagne, class, classy

Image size: 500x705
8014 a611
crazy about wearing, wear, heels

Image size: 420x279
5698 0a92
chanel, coco, cosmetics

Image size: 500x333
5702 26b6
black, cute, design

Image size: 500x334
5705 86f2
bath, bathroom, cute

Image size: 500x352
7021 e5d1
bracelet, fashion, girl

Image size: 500x325
7022 ca82
YSL, Yves Saint Laurent, beautiful

Image size: 500x334
3826 cfa0
Best, adorable, amazing

Image size: 499x750
0314 172f
Burton, Hot, alexandra hummel

Image size: 412x720
5564 ceb1
ballet shoes, chic, classy

Image size: 500x327

July 03 2013

2773 3c65
beautiful, blouse, chic

Image size: 500x352
2776 fbc2
Michael Kors, bracelet, bracelets

Image size: 400x400
2777 d3c5
Balenciaga, Dream, bag

Image size: 612x612
2778 6433
amazing, clothing, diamonds

Image size: 500x510
4510 af91
bag, beauty, black

Image size: 400x400
5886 1bda
beautiful, beige, chic

Image size: 500x333
2480 fffe
architecture, interior design, luxury

Image size: 500x435
8096 d219
animal, animal print, bieber

Image size: 500x334
8099 8d83
Carrie Bradshaw, closet, clothes

Image size: 400x400
0818 7625
Hot, art, beautiful

Image size: 640x480
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