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July 15 2013

5127 1293
luxury, x, car

Image size: 500x500
5129 e8df
beautiful, blue, pastel

Image size: 501x782
5131 13b1
beautiful, beach, blue

Image size: 500x750
5133 ae29
heels, high heels, diamonds

Image size: 400x266

July 13 2013

3282 3de5
fashion, style, luxury

Image size: 500x334

July 08 2013

1458 6d0e
eveeeee, fashion, luxury

Image size: 486x604
1460 41dd
Dream, Hot, Sunny

Image size: 500x334
0462 75ef
accessories, bracelet, chanel

Image size: 500x500
0463 86d3
Dream, beautiful, chic

Image size: 500x333
0465 22c0
accessories, bracelet, chanel

Image size: 500x500
8592 0cb8
Dream, beautiful, brand

Image size: 500x351
6969 2aeb
accessories, bracelet, chanel

Image size: 500x500
6970 7979
bling, chic, classy

Image size: 539x387
6971 7c0d
bathroom, chanel, cosmetics

Image size: 500x500

July 07 2013

7397 c67d
1d preferences, Libra, astrology

Image size: 495x350
3448 384b
adorable, animal, animal print

Image size: 500x500
4438 1cdd
body, diet, fish

Image size: 500x331
3171 4e99
Hot, apple, art

Image size: 500x638
2260 cd54
6 pack, Dream, Hot

Image size: 500x354
6735 ed34
chance chanel, chanel, classy

Image size: 500x344
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